Wakanda Forever!

So absolutely impressed with 2018’s Black Panther movie! I’m grateful to have been blessed to share the 3D experience with my inner circle: my son, my niece and my sister.

The movie was action packed, filled with characters whose flesh tones resembled my own and who instilled pride in me. I was most intrigued by the message that echoed within me when Michael B. Jordan’s character, Killmongermade this statement about the perils his ancestors faced when they gave their lives to the ocean in a quest for freedom to avert a life lived as a slave: “They knew death was better than bondage.”

Due to the overwhelming and unexpected success of this film, it is my hope that there will be more like this to come. And that this absolute feeling of empowerment within the black community will live on for more than just ten seconds.

This movie had taken the viewing audience by storm!

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