Thru The Fire!

I heard a song yesterday that was so representative of my journey that I chair-danced and praised my way from Queens to Hempstead and back, windows down, hair flying, volume way up and smiling hard! At red lights, I didn’t look left or right and cared not if anyone was watching ~ I was in my own space.

The beat was infectious and the lyrics were my own:

I’ve been through the fire

But God had his eye on me

  • Most saw my ‘outer’ and never knew;
  • Some witnessed and sadly said nothing;
  • Others knew a bit and spoke on my behalf – yet not enough;
  • And a few took my plight to heart and said ‘enough, you are far too worthy’ – then took it to God in my honor!

I’m so glad that God lifted me and showed me a better way: OUT!

Don’t always think that your words of encouragement will fall on deaf ears. Sometimes that ‘push’ is all a person needs to hear in order to take the necessary steps to move forward. 

I know that my mission in life has always been to help others as much as possible – without fanfare. 
What is your mission? Words without action are worthless. 
My smile will continue to be my proud umbrella and I have begun a successful mission to ‘take back my life!’
#free #runteldat (smile)

Here’s a link to ‘Thru The Fire‘ and the video is down below…

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