Throwback Cut of the Week!

Inspired by Michael A. Gonzalez’ article Slept On Soul/Randy & The Gypsys — mentioning an album by Randy Jackson’s band, Randy & The Gypsys that I rocked so hard back in the days! I popped one cassette, replaced it with another and ultimately brought a cd for my discman (dating myself, for sure – smile!).
Reading that article made me think of other songs that put me in a great space & gave me the energy to get my dance on. So, my Throwback Cut of the Week is 52nd Street’s hit, Tell Me How it Feels!

UK band, 52nd Street released an album, Children of the Night  that had a hit single, Tell Me How it Feels which can still spin today, making heads nod and fingers snap!
Take a trip with me back to 1985 when this song dominated the airwaves…

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