Through Thick & Thin: Happy Anniversary!


August 3rd, 2012

Two years ago Thomas & Detrel became “The Sapps” — to drive my point home that we sometimes forget just how long we have truly been married, I asked my husband a few nights ago how long we’ve been married. He paused so long that I decided to put his brain cells at ease and shared with him that this union was formalized 2 years before!

Thomas and I have shared life experiences that have doled out highs and lows. We are a visible pair who go out of our way to support as many community organizations who stand to vigilantly rally for peace — not because we seek the spotlight, but because we are passionate about the youth, our community and the legacy that our generation leaves behind.

Marriage has taught me to channel my patience, to acknowledge my flaws, to learn more about who Detrel really is, to learn that I cannot be as much of a loner and a shy girl as I have been all of my life and to let my guard down enough to allow someone else ‘in’ — I have re-evaluated my desire to shirk being in the mainstream and to accept the forefront with more ease — but even more importantly, he’s forced me to unveil my inner chef (lol)!!

Spiritually my faith has been renewed — and Thomas and I often have deep, soul searing conversations about: God’s desire for us both to live — even when our actions dictated that life should have ended, love — and never knowing love like either of us now know it.

We laugh at silliness, we are hip hop heads, business partners and lovers of The Lord!

Here’s to an eternity of love built solid on our years of togetherness!

Happy Anniversary baby ~ I love you!







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