The Vaccine Conundrum

The decision that I made in advance for my Valentine’s Day 2021 treat to self went a little something like this…

COVID-19 Vaccination (1st dose down)

Too ‘young’ for any of the other vaccination sites, so I was grateful for the Bronx VA opening the opportunity to be vaccinated to #veterans like me who get their primary care here.

Offf to buy some fruit and head home…

Happy Valentine’s Day 💖💕💖💕#Hulu #Netflix #YouTubeTV

The Following Day:

For those taking notes (as so many have inquired), my side effects from the Moderna vaccine have been as follows:

Same day: fatigue (slept for hours ~ which is odd for me) and my stomach was a bit unsettled (didn’t stop me from eating so it was no biggie) 🤷🏾‍♀️

Day 1: sniffles, slight sinus pressure/discomfort and soreness at the injection site (NyQuil made it all better!)

Questions? I’m here to share.

And this is how someone made sure I was awake because they were hungry… BossChic: Missy, the cat! 💖

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