The Music of INTRO Will Never Die

My friend, Clinton (Buddy) Wike from the 90s group, Intro posted a mixtape link

The Best of Intro: RIP Kenny Greene

If you loved the music that INTRO left for us to cherish before Kenny Greene’s untimely death, like I did, then this mixtape <~~ right here is for you!!

I heard some of my favorite cuts: Funny How Time Flies, Feels Like the First Time, What You Won’t Do For Love, My Love’s On the Way… Listening to this mixtape (on repeat) led me to reminisce about the sadness I felt when I learned that Greene was terminally ill. I truly anticipated his contribution to r&b, at that time to take music in a different direction – excitement, filled with funk and definitely intended to keep you on the dance floor. I also vividly remembered the way my neck would rock to Intro’s music (especially, My Love’s On the Way)!

Here is the message that Buddy posted on his facebook page:

Here’s the Intro mix tape free download.
New music featuring Kenny “G-Love”Greene, Jeff Sanders and Clinton “Buddy” Wike and Jon Williams Of Washington D.C. Mixed By Dj noise
Thank you for hanging out with us for almost 20 years. Through our ups and downs you have remained a faithful friend. You are appreciated!

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    @Jaekim ~ thank you for stopping by! There’s no telling where Kenny Greene would’ve taken music or what heights Intro would have made had he not passed. I do know that the group is still in the studio these days and have been planning a return.

    @SquarerootZ ~ loving their version of R.I.T.S. too, but my favorite headnodder is If You Get Lonely ~ the vocal melody, combined with the crazy drum beat *instant repeat mode!*

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