The Dash!

Death comes unexpectedly at times and challenges you to do what you may not have been prepared for. But when your family turns to you to handle business, draw upon your strengths and do it well!


So grateful that death doesn’t steal from my family very often. My maternal great-grandmother lived well into her 90s and it seems like that’s the way our life patterns are striving for more & more. (smile)

But with death, you learn so much more about the person who died, the people around you and definitely more about your own self. You find yourself looking deeper into your own mirror. Some lessons fill you with pride, while others make you swallow hard.

I thank everyone who is contributing on all levels ~ especially the words of comfort & encouragement: they are sincerely appreciated. 😘


God, I know that you are with us always ~ but we need you even more today. Help us to do as ‘she’ instructed us to the best of our ability. May all doors be thrust open so that things are pleasing to us all. We are humbled and honored to be entrusted to be asked to take on such a task ~ but we know that it is what our mother prepared us for and we know that Helen Howell will be with us at the table until the job is done! Dereth … I’m asking God to bless us. May we continue to look to one another as we always do to help Aunt Helen move beyond her greatest hurdle, thus far. My sister, my rock ~ tissues ready ~ let’s do this for the person who gave us love that weighed ‘a million pounds!’ 😘

We’ve got you, TWhite! 😉


It is with absolute sadness and a heavy heart that I announce to everyone that I got the phone call about 2 hours ago that Theresa has passed away. As many know she fought a tremendous fight and her body was tired. I just ask that everyone please lift Aunt Helen Ward up in prayer because this one is a major blow for our entire family. I was trying to call everyone individually but it’s easier to get the message out this way. Please give Aunt Helen a minute to wrap her head around all of this but we as a family must rally around her. As soon as we have funeral arrangements set we will post them. TWhite rest in peace!! You will definitely be missed.

Theresa M. White (5/21/51 – 5/25/18)


When family reaches out to you in distress, stop what you’re doing & listen, and if necessary drop what you’re doing and make a way to get to them to assist.

Exited church unexpectedly before the pastor even began to preach. Time spent with family weighed on my heart, but I was grateful that I could be there.

Thank you to those who checked in on me. Sometimes the ‘check-in’ is the extra blessing that you need when you’re processing circumstances and what’s to come thoughts.

💕 Happy 67th Theresa Marie 💕


Always one to speak from my heart, why stop now?

These 2 have held our family together even when fireworks exploded in various corners of our world. We’ve grown together, as a family & like others around the world, we certainly have grown apart.

I drove through the very streets of the Bronx today and choked back on sobs because as a little girl, Theresa took me with her religiously to see her Grandma White & Aunt Esther in that same area. Good memories! She took me to the record store on E. 167th Street to buy my 1st 45 (The Jacksons 😍), she was one of my babysitters who would bathe me and sit in the bathroom singing over & over ‘The Touch of You’ (is driving me outta my head). Life on Walton Avenue when family was all that mattered to our happiness was special. Not sure how I earned the nickname ‘Myrtle’ but it stuck for years. 🤦🏾‍♀️

If God can open your heart to say a prayer for her, and especially one for Aunt Helen ~ pause for a minute and do so. Just pray for God to comfort her and ease her pain. She’s making her peace & accepting what’s to come. We should do the same. 🙏🏾

I giggled as I drove:

– how many of us were her legitimate godchildren?

– anyone remember the days she marched up the Avenue as part of the African American Day Parade in Harlem (the wrong way?) #headraggedy

– the home movies she would show on the projector of us out at family gatherings (Peg Leg Bates, Dyckman Park, Bear Mountain)

– getting your feelings hurt when the 2 of them double teamed you and tore you up

– how she & Carl dragged me into the world of social security and years later, I really am a civil servant 😳


Mother & Daughter

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