The 2017 Wrap Up

Sometimes you need to share some of your soul with someone to remember how far you’ve come! As 2017 began to wind down, I became exceptionally eager to say ‘so long!

2017 was a year when I went from having a hyphenated last name and releasing that, to embracing the new being I had become. For some time, I seemed to sit on the sidelines as my ultra private personal life played out for the social media gawkers to follow along with as an unexpected chapter unfolded. I admit, I was drawn into the madness and became so unraveled that I’d lost my appetite, stopped eating and took NyQuil many nights to help sleep guide me into calmness in order to make it begrudgingly through each work day.

With some very strong pushing, I applied for – and was accepted into the NY Theological Seminary. I surprised many people when I shared my news. I was elated! I had finally began to listen to God’s voice in my own spirit. I knew that I deserved better because I am better than the way in which I was mistreated by others – and by my own self!

The seminary experience has been the best thing to happen for me, and at the right time in my life. My mind has been exposed to theories and concepts I never could have imagined, and has placed me in the presence of people from all walks of life. In a short span of time, it has been rather enlightening. I cannot thank God enough for not punishing me for running from ‘the calling’ for nearly twenty years.

In addition to that change, I have a new home – one that I thought I would not have qualified for. But we know that God blesses us with the things we least expect when He knows we need them most! My previous living situation left me dreading each night’s return home. I was absolutely miserable and so very distressed. I am now in a much more peaceful environment, and though not perfect, it is just right for me – right now!

There were also serious challenges that impacted my family in 2017. God, the phenomenon brought everyone to a place where positivity and medical resolutions have been offered. Some issues are clearly behind us, while the other circumstances now have options where they were none previously.

I’ve cherished the life lessons which continue to bless me daily:

  • Each day I have learned more to be mindful of those who say they will and don’t, and those who actually do it because they’ve said it.

I had an opportunity to travel, laugh, smile, experience great music moments and most importantly, I began to find myself as I listened to God’s solidifying who He is in my life!

Here are some 2017 photos that brought happiness to me in the moments when they were captured.

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