Take Me to the King

Day 3 of the Soul Music Challenge: changing things up a bit because thoughts of my mom woke me out of a dream a short while ago. (I was calling out to her w/no response from her. I actually heard myself calling her & was alarmed.)—

When I first heard Tamela Mann sing the song ‘Take Me to the King’ it hit me hard because it definitely could have been written by mom: she was tired, her body was broken down, she did not have much materially to present to God but was filled with an overwhelming abundance of faith — and I was the last person to see her alive & to witness the fight in her, even at that point. She refused to speak to my sister and I, but after my sister left us and the nurse came in to work on her, she was in such pain & cried out repeatedly: dear Jesus!

Truth is I’m weak

No strength to fight

No tears to cry

Even if I tried

But still my soul

Refuses to die

One touch will change my life


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