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Flashback: The Hempstead TSS Record Department

The best job I have ever had was working in the record department at TSS in Hempstead, NY. During my high school years, and school breaks when I went up to Buffalo State College, I could not wait to get back to work. My love of music was fed in the same manner that you would pour lighter fluid on a barbecue pit to ignite a flame! 

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Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration 2016: “Jumbled Love Bits”

I’m looking at my contribution to 2016’s Cupid Hunt Mix: Podcast Collaboration as an attempt to return to my own old norm.  That was the norm when I loved, lived and breathed anything with a rhythm.  So much has changed within me over these past few years … life has taken me on a journey that I would not want to repeat, unless it meant rewriting each chapter — and that will never be —

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