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Lady Alma: Cherish & Bless Her

Music has been a tremendous blessing to me. I have unexpectedly built friendships that will take me through this lifetime. I thank God for giving me a spirit that I have where business ties often become personal and filled with love.For those who are unfamiliar with the sister in this picture, Lady Alma Horton (, take a moment to visit her page, check her out on YouTube or google her. She’s a bad chick, for

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Living: Inhaling/Exhaling & Smiling!

So FYI ~ a vacation doesn’t always involve sandy beaches/airports or passport stamps ~ but when that word hasn’t been in your vocabulary for 5 years, and you know that it’s time ~ you plan to do things that you’ve wanted for quite a while and you make it a reality! On the day that I created a facebook photo album, I had a date to see a LADY! (a green lady who stands 305

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