Still Taking My Life Back!

I decided a few years ago to ‘TAKE MY LIFE BACK!’ I didn’t know how it would materialize & only focused on living my life in a much better way. Fast forward to this day in 2021: dōTerra essential oils were introduced to me at the top of the year, at a time where I was consumed with stress & uncertainty because of the darkness of the pandemic. Thank you, Andrea Johnson (‘AJ’) for helping me to learn to cope with the help of dōTerra!
I share this with each of you reading this because I’m not a sales woman in any form or fashion, but I am a dōTerra Wellness Advocate. I have used oils to manage physical pain, emotional fogginess and to enhance what I eat & drink. Who knew that essential oils could do so much! And I did so because my thorough research on this company & the natural/non-synthetic oils they produce truly won me over. 🙌🏾

This is a BOGO week for dōTerra where you’ll purchase 6 unbelievable essential oils & receive 6 more oils that can definitely overhaul some factors in your life. This video was created by Hope Clark who is a super guru when it comes to recommendations for exactly which oil can aid with whatever trouble you may have. Take a listen, visit my website: and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Peace & Blessings ✌🏾

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