Stevie Wonder: Birthday Blessings


Happy Birthday Sir!

Stevie Wonder’s music takes me through so many emotional zones: happiness, fright, sadness, joy and love, come to mind.

It transposes me to various time zones in my life ~ taking me from ‘the now’ to ‘the past’ and some of those memories would be best if they would stay buried. *wishful thinking*

Off the top of my head came this list of my top 10 favorite Stevie Wonder cuts:

10) Higher Ground
9) Another Star
8) As
7) My Cherie Amour
6) For Once in My Life
5) That Girl
4) Knocks Me Off My Feet
3) Summer Soft
2) Never Dreamed You’d Leave (in Summer)
1) If You Really Love Me

There are so very many more…!

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