So much on my mind…

I ran across an image that speaks volumes about my brain.

There is so much going on in my life that my brain often continuously works to set up priorities.

School begins on the day after Labor Day, like wow! I just received notification of this yesterday and I immediately began to pray – in my mind. A leap of faith, and the willingness to follow a plan placed within me so many years ago is what has led me to applying to, and ultimately being admitted to the seminary (not the monastery, Mike H. and no, I don't plan to become the 'flying nun' dummy! 🤗).

I anticipate my seminary experience to be a life changing, eye opening, earth shattering and extremely enlightening journey! I envision unexpected silent conversations with my mom. I'm looking forward to receiving answers to questions that have filled my mind. I am praying for my own patience and desire to remain focused — issues I struggle with consistently.

Most importantly, I am eager to see the growth in me that I know will come as I open my mind to receiving new insight. I'm anxious to become a better me for the world to see!

In other areas of my life, I have been reminded that:

  • What God has for me, is for me!

There are opportunities that have been presented to me that I shall continue to pray to God to be my best guide.

These are my best days and I'm prepared to live them to the fullest unapologetically, and in spite of those who may not support my moves! #thatisall

Peace & Blessings

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