Sherree Patrice: New Music – Seeking Approval Only from God!

There are singers who you may not hear from often enough – but wish that their new music flowed from in an abundance. Sherree Patrice is one such gifted songstress. Honor and excitement hit me all at once when I received an invite to preview her long awaited follow up single, The Approval of Men.

Absent from this wondrous song is an over-produced studio generated backdrop, which is perfect because it allows Sherree Patrice’s beautiful vocals to shine throughout the lite, hypnotic acoustic melody. Effortlessly utilizing a powerful range that emanates from deep within her soul, she weaves together lyrics that deliver a tremendous message which today’s church-going masses can benefit from. The Approval of Men  serves as a reminder that the only favor one should seek after is that of God.

– Detrel Howell

To hear more music released by Sherree Patrice please click on her name.

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