Shedding Layers of Uncomfortability!

For years I’ve watched women — black sisters — fawning over silky #563 or wet and wavy #202 (sarcasm) and spending hundreds of dollars while doing so. In retrospect I look back on the image I created while trying to mask my own truth. My maternal genetics were imploding in my life — and were killing my hair follicles along the way.

— fast forward 10 years —

As I sat in the parking lot on one very hot morning, wiping profuse sweat, I snatched my soggy wig from my head, looked in the rear view mirror and smiled at a beautiful sista!

I took a selfie and  nervously shared it with the world, via Facebook. The response was more than I ever would have imagined. I found myself literally crying tears when I was told by men, and more importantly older women that I was an inspiration! Me?!!!

To anyone reading I encourage you to be the best YOU that can positively impact others.





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