Self Love!

I’M SO IN LOVE with this BRAVE WOMAN. I’ve betrayed her. I’ve not loved her at full capacity. I’ve fed her lies & once told her she wasn’t good enough. I’ve allowed her to be broken. I’ve allowed her to run through brick walls & battle for others who won’t even stand for her. I couldn’t stop individuals from abandoning her, yet I’ve seen her still get up to be a light to the world & love others despite all. I’ve stood paralyzed by fear as she faced death alone, watching her fight for her life. Forgive me for not going to war for you like you do for others. This QUEEN is a WARRIOR. She’s not perfect but the Master calls her WORTHY! She’s UNSTOPPABLE. Gracefully broken but beautifully standing. She is love. She is life. She is transformation. She is grace. She is BRAVE! She builds Arks before there is any rain. Who wouldn’t fall in love with her for a lifetime? #iAmShe #ForeverLove #SelfLove 😍💞🦋

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