Sean Bell: Family Day 2015 (Never Forgotten)

In 2006 the world, including a community in Jamaica, NY shed tears for Sean Bell, a young, handsome groom-to-be who was assassinated on the eve before he was to wed Nicole Paultre (Bell). The tears turned to rage when every NYPD officer involved in the shooting of Sean, and members of what was to be his wedding party were acquitted of all charges! 

Fast forward to August 22, 2015 

A celebration of a young life cut down much too soon!

Present: family members, friends who knew Sean from years gone by, politicians, activists, media, volunteers, vendors, compassionate community residents 

mr. bell, jada & jordyn
gwen carr (mother of eric garner) & nicole bell (mother of sean bell’s daughter & his fiancee)
susan parker (event coordinator)
d. sapp (volunteer)
denise langhorn, detrel sapp & donna hood
the struggle is real: donna hood & detrel sapp
congressman meeks, d. sapp, thomas sapp

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