Can Music Give Me: Reciprocal Love Again?

I can’t seem to get the dialogue out of my head that PJ Morton dropped during his intimate New York listening party earlier this week. There was so much knowledge shared about the industry/indie artists in such a crowded space to shine one above the other/radio today/creating music that you love, not a generic project that doesn’t feel good to your soul that others try to push you to create. And, I really fell in love with his Gumbo project — which for me, today is epic! I think there’s one joint that I could’ve passed on — but he def revived something in me that made me say to myself — hmm, musiq do you still love ‘me’? cause I just might love ‘you’ again!

PJ Morton, for me – and to me – is a big deal! He’s not only the son of two of the world’s biggest, and well-respected names in ministry today: Bishop Paul Morton Sr. and Elder Debra Morton, but his roots are still quite apparent when you listen to him speak, and most certainly when he hits the keys. As a PK, he definitely could have soared in the gospel arena. But, as he explained to the about 20 of us in the classroom setting where the listening party was held, he had to follow his passion. 

You see, I had the pleasure of interviewing PJ years back – I can’t remember if that was posted on Centric’s Soul Sessions site or SoulTracks, but it was memorable nonetheless. I sat in my car for what I thought was to be a brief 5 minute call, but when it was all said and done, after about 40 minutes, 7 handwritten pages of notes — and a promise to bless ONUTSS with a NY listening party/mini performance — I had to rush into a meeting for my day gig (lol). So, the easy flowing Q&A with the 2017 NY listening party audience was very reminiscent of that same real talk conversation that he and I had back when.

PJ also plays keys for the renowned pop band, Maroon 5 – which is major for an independent artist. He spoke honestly about this role in the band and  how it has changed his life in many ways. The honor of being yet again in his presence, and experiencing his new project, Gumbo, which drops on 4/21/17 (but can be purchased at an unthinkable rate right now on iTunes), come to life in a clever  animated karaoke video style format was simply a treat for me!

The video for Claustrophobic speaks volumes!


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