Proud Woman of Color

I was challenged a few times ~ what an honor ~ to post 1 picture that represents me being a ‘Proud Woman of Color’ and though you may have seen this particular picture more than once, I chose it again because I continue to emulate the queen whose lap I sat on at the age of 4 (1972). I knew then that I was a Nubian Princess because she was the epitome of black pride. That characteristic was instilled in me throughout the 44 years that were spent with her as my guide ~ and will live on in me forever! I was proud coming up to wear the dashikis, cornrows, afros, beaded necklaces and to be raised in a household where learning about our rich heritage was a requirement, and not an option! I am who I am today based on the shoulders that I stood on to be my bridge.
Thank you, mommy! 😘

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