Prayers for Bobbi Kristina


hadn’t been on FB too much yesterday but definitely thought I’d see more postings about prayers & hope for Bobbi Kristina then D’Angelo’s performance on SNL ~ hmmm

yes, she is clearly troubled ~ but we, the world witnessed the family dysfunction that we’d suspected on ‘Being Bobby Brown’


I’m twice her age & lost my mother in the same year that she lost hers ~ I have days where I ask God to keep my mind because I don’t want to continue to face the horrors of our world WITHOUT my mother to guide me (I fear that if I were to transcend at the aid of my own devices that she’d tell me what a disappointment I was for giving up, as I ride that elevator downward to meet the dude with the pitchfork & horns!)

bottom line is … pray for, and love on that young lady … she has read what people post about her on social media outlets & she’s been hurt ~ so sad

be mindful of your public opinions ~ celebs are feeling-people, too


my heart goes out to the entire family & I also pray that they are able to put their differences aside and band together at this time…



  1. La Sharra Bennett

    Praying for this young soul daily. God has the final say. I pray for healing and restoration. Man doesn’t know more than God

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