My Inner Soul Aches!!

The return of The Inner Soul was supposed to be the renewing of an upbeat spirit for me to share my thoughts about soul music, today and historically. But, these two short months of this new year have been filled with the most heart breaking loses our soul community has experienced in some time.

Pausing for a moment to remember the tremendous legacy left behind by our SOUL hero, DON CORNELIUS and our SOUL princess, WHITNEY HOUSTON. Like many others, my Saturday afternoons were spent in front of the television in anticipation of taking a journey via that week’s airing of SOUL TRAIN, the hippest trip in America! Watching eagerly to see who the guest performers would be, what the dancers wore, the hairstyles they rocked and the dance moves they showcased. Then, I would practice those dance steps behind my closed bedroom door (lol). I pray that whatever the torment was that led to Mr. Cornelius ending his life has allowed his spirit to rest.

The world was stunned into an emotional conundrum when the news broke that WHITNEY HOUSTON lost life’s battle. More than twenty years ago, Whitney won our hearts, took hold of our ears and through the years when her personal challenges became mainstream publicity, she caused us to pray for her well being. The gift of song that God blessed her with will never be replaced by today’s singers who fall short while attempting to sound good, relying heavily on technological gadgets. At the height of her career, Whitney effortlessly sang us into tears. 48 very short years on this earth, and her light has now dimmed. Wishing that a call for a group hug that would bring Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina, Cissy Houston, cousin Dionne Warwick and godmom Aretha Franklin together to ease their sorrow. Imaginably, the pain they must all be feeling is simply unfathomable.

WHITNEY HOUSTON‘s music has moved me, over the years either by making me think of that special someone with warmth and fuzziness or had me wanting to get up and shake my groove thing!

Here are my 3 favorites:


Whitney looks absolutely fabulous and as the video closes out, Bobby joins her on the dance floor. I’ve loved them as a couple and wish that they could have encouraged and supported one another, positively.

Run to You

I remember crying when I mimicked Whitney singing this song because I longed to have someone to sing it to. Happily, I can report that the void I felt then has now been filled. (smile)

All The Man I Need

This one as well… He fills me up and gives me love ~ more love than I’ve ever seen!

In parting, I wish you LOVE, PEACE & SOUL ~ may their sleeping souls rest eternally #amen

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