Mom: I’ll Continue to Make You Proud!

FaceBook has a way of bringing memories back to you that made you smile, reminded you of past hurts, lost loves or cherished moments – unexpectedly. Today was one for the history books.After losing my mom, my life seemed to exist in ‘the black abyss’ … I didn’t want to do anything, talk to anyone or even exist. She meant that much to me.

Six months later, I took to FaceBook to apologize to many whom I had been unable to muster up the strength to communicate with. And today I reflected on how far I’ve come from that point in my life:

From whence I’ve come…

Losing a mother carries a pain so deep within you that the hurt never subsides, you ultimately learn to live in a new way. You learn to realize just how much she meant to you; how much she did for you; how hard she rocked for you; and just how much glue she used to hold you together.

I’m so grateful to God for the time I had with her as her days began to wane. There are things we shared that I’ll cherish for my eternity. And because of her final brave act, I too will donate my remains to medical research. There’ll be no funeral for Trel, (better NOT be, family ~ y’all know what I’ve discussed with you! 🤫) but a celebration like we had for her, of the life I’ve lived as I intended to bring happiness to others along the way.

So today I say, I carry my mother with me every second of every hour. I know that she’s proud of my evolution and I must do my best to continue stepping with the Lord as my guide.

Be blessed one and all.

Love on others like there’s no tomorrow ~ the reward in doing so will make your heart swell!

Peace & Blessings 😘

So, to my heroine – I know that I have some dust to shake off, but my prayer is to continually make you proud! 🙏🏾

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