MidSummer Getaway” Thrills, Chills & Excitement!

Great Adventure Getaway


 I haven’t visited an amusement park in years ~ now that I’m ‘middle aged’ (snickering) this should be really interesting! I am looking forward to this bus ride to Great Adventure because it will be just that: a great adventure.  I intend on climbing onboard somebody’s rollersomething lol

There is still time — and space available on the luxury coach bus for you to join the Kareem D. Sapp Foundation & Friends — and claim your window seat.  For more info, please give me a buzz (646.339.6149)


Midsummer Getaway


The trip was a success because the bus load arrived home, as we left … safe and intact! Days later and folks are still sharing with us about the time they had. Here are some photos:












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