Living: Inhaling/Exhaling & Smiling!

So FYI ~ a vacation doesn’t always involve sandy beaches/airports or passport stamps ~ but when that word hasn’t been in your vocabulary for 5 years, and you know that it’s time ~ you plan to do things that you’ve wanted for quite a while and you make it a reality! On the day that I created a facebook photo album, I had a date to see a LADY! (a green lady who stands 305 feet and represents much, historically than she does in the light of beauty).

BucketList items were knocked off ~ one adventure at a time. Laughter and happiness had overtaken the invisible weight that planted itself on my shoulders for far too long.

By the time that the reality had begun to set in that my week was coming to a close, I had become part of a new ‘family’ — had soared 1000 feet over tree tops — had inhaled & exhaled good, clean air — had laughed until my side ached — had eaten meals prepared by hands filled with love — had been tossed around in the back seat of a van, operated by a determined driver (lol) — and had shed some tears that have lurked in my own shadows much longer than necessary!

Thank you to all who have shared in this chapter! 😘

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