Lady Alma: Cherish & Bless Her

Music has been a tremendous blessing to me. I have unexpectedly built friendships that will take me through this lifetime. I thank God for giving me a spirit that I have where business ties often become personal and filled with love.For those who are unfamiliar with the sister in this picture, Lady Alma Horton (, take a moment to visit her page, check her out on YouTube or google her. She’s a bad chick, for real for real ~ and is celebrated globally, but more importantly she’s my sisterboo! 😘 

Not sure why our spirits clicked the way that they did but I’m questioning none of that. She has walked me through some of the darkest experiences life has thrown my way ~ and is a scripture quoting something! My only hope is that I’ve done half of that when she has called on me, as well.

A few months ago I posted a message about God bringing someone at the edge of finality right back when the doctors advised the family to make funeral arrangements. Well, that was Alma’s mama, Ms. Carla ~ and she bounced back, made it home for a short while before she took ill again & returned to the hospital.

I am saddened to report that Ms. Carla has passed on but I definitely ask that you lift Alm up because she did everything a daughter could do to ensure that her mother was cared for. She fussed hard with the doctors, she slept at her mom’s bedside, she looked after her when things were tough… 

For anyone who has lost a mother that meant a great deal ~ you know that the sting never subsides. God bless you, my sisterboo and know that I love you with all sincerity! 😘

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