It was all a dream…

The other day I was awakened from one of the most startling dreams I’ve ever had.  I remember wiping tears away because I was relieved by what the dream had revealed to me.

In the dream, I learned that my mother had not actually died nearly 4 years ago.  

As it turns out, she had met a man and he made her very happy. She fell in love and ran off to start a new life with him. But, she told neither myself, or my sister about this new relationship – outright.

We, girls shared nearly everything — so it was hurtful to learn that she would leave us heartbroken for all of this time, yet she as happy, safe and very content.








I sat on the side of the bed in the dark for quite some time when I woke from this dream. I needed to digest the meaning, and the message my mother was delivering to me.

It hit me suddenly, like a ton of bricks!

My mother ran off to be with Jesus. She had fallen in love, and was at peace! She came to me in that dream because she’s been with me every step of the way and knows that I’ve been uneasy recently — with a few issues — and she needed to set my heart at ease.

Dear God – I know that she rests with you. You are the best caretaker that we can entrust her to. Your love far surpassed ours. Amen

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