Isolation = Transformation

My purpose.

My mission.

My walk.

I am finally beginning to see ‘the light’ beyond ‘the forest’ that has clouded my vision for so long. I felt lost, distracted & misguided. I get it now. #GratefulForMyJourney

My story is my own to tell, not anyone else’s! People can look ‘in’ from ‘the bleachers’ and think that they know, but truly they do not.

In 36 days if God blesses me, I will move into my 50th annual rotation around this thing we call life. I’m not ashamed of that number, as so many of my counterparts are. I’ve learned so much about myself, about people, about life’s challenges, about inner-strength and about forging ahead.

There are a number of tags that I can apply to my existence:

I am —

  • A combat war survivor
  • A single mother
  • A divorcée
  • An alopecia survivor
  • A domestic violence survivor
  • One who has sat on a therapist’s couch for a number of years (watching skin cancer ravage my mother’s body took a toll on me in a way I’d never imagined)
  • One who was once diagnosed with depression though a smile adorned my face whenever possible (trying to be strong for others when I struggled to do the same for myself)
  • One who has overcome every negative attempt to strike me down

I am also one who can stand at the mountain top and yell down to anyone listening that God is real and many of my prayers for PEACE have been answered.

2018’s joys have been overwhelming!

I completed my 1st year of seminary and have danced around every question asked of me:

  • Is this something you JUST decided to do?!
  • No, the calling on my life has walked with me, tugging all the way for at least 20 years (ask my sister)
  • Are you planning to preach or open your own church?
  • I’ll allow God to order my steps. My ministry is shaping up to go hand in hand with what I’ve done professionally for nearly 30 years and I’m excited!

I thank everyone who has prayed for me, offered encouragement along the way and even those who challenged me with vile, hateful spirits because that only strengthened me as I looked deeper into who this woman in the mirror has become.

Thank you!

The steps of a good WOman are ordered by God. – Psalms 37:23 😇

May God cover me and all whom I love, especially my two of my closest friends who are walking through the cancerous attack on their bodies.


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