Inner Soul Randomness


My mind is racing this morning in thousands of directions. And I am thinking about something an old friend told me years ago: ‘if someone were to go up into your head, they’d get mugged!’

Crushed by love!
Embraced and suffocated with compassion for others!
Stabbed for the lack of empathy and greed that I see in others that truly turns my stomach sour!

Today I had these random thoughts bring a bodacious smile to my face:

  • I see my purpose in life with more visibility each day…
  • May God’s love & light always shine through me…
  • Do a good deed for at least one person every day and be ye blessed for it…
  • I can have my eyes wide open, looking directly at you and be deep in prayer as well
  • I took a chance unexpectedly and opened a heart that had been doused with gasoline, set afire, stabbed, spat and stomped upon & asked God for guidance in building trust…
  • Share love today. When you’re gone, you cannot take it with you or apologize for not giving up more of it!
  • Behind my smile or my frown lies a soul that bleeds for others more than it does for self…
  • more to come…

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