Inner Reflections

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and reflect on what exactly is happening within you, and around you. 

I jotted down some points of reflection after receiving a text from someone checking in on me who had not heard from me in several days.

  • lots going on in me & around me;
  • lot of pain – physically & emotionally – some of which isn’t getting better – trying to learn to cope & move differently; 
  • learning to listen to what I believe God wants me to see & hear without immediately reacting; 
  • learning to be quiet while making changes within me to become a better me;
  • learning to find ways to be at peace & block out distracting traffic;
  • learning to isolate when I don’t have the words to say;
  • putting a lot of energy into undoing damage;

Am I ok?  Trying to be!
May has been very interesting and enlightening.

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