Holy Spirit, Help Me!

About my Sunday afternoon’s worship: I thought I was good as I awaited the arrival of ‘The Prophetess’ …

I know that my plan was to worship God, get through the service and get back home to finish up my Holy Spirit paper for class! Then, Prophetess Tasha Baston started prophesying to me ‘and’ my sister about situations that have occurred within our family recently and when she [The Prophetess] ministered to me specifically, I know that she saw the tears in my eyes. In a matter of time I was no good!

The Holy Spirit took hold of me and I was on my knees, tears freely flowing and I was gasping for air. My sister said she felt my body convulse with gut wrenching cries, and the heat within me started rising to show its way out and all I kept repeating was ‘Holy Spirit, please help me!’

It was a beautiful service! 🙏🏾😇

God bless!

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