Gratitude in Our Attitude


1559528_620137141410753_4051763393981844483_oThings are always subject to change at a moment’s notice, but ‘staying in the solution’ and remembering the purpose is most important.  Community is more than just a word describing an area, it comprises commitments, a spirit of togetherness and pitching in to help one another without being asked.

The community on Saturday, April 12th showed themselves mighty at The Greater Springfield Community Church. The Kareem D. Sapp Foundation and the National Action Network’s Queens Chapter wishes to thank:

  • The Order of the Feather Fraternity (buffet items/step team)
  • Dakiya Gray & the SBC Youth Dancers
  • Jamaica Breeze Restaurant (buffet items)
  • LP Management (gift baskets/sound)
  • Yvonne Oliver (candy contribution)
  • Carole Eady (gift card donation)
  • Robert Baultwright (gift card donation)
  • Angela Howell (Swedish meatballs)
  • Patricia Washington-Rose (string beans/server/promotion/hospitality/clean up crew)
  • William McDonald (promotion/photographer/hospitality/so much more)
  • Tony Riley (gift cards donation)
  • Nerissa Robinson (gift card donation)
  • Dereth Howell (macaroni dishes/server)
  • Office of Legislator Kevan Abrahams/Robin Wheat (flyer donations)
  • Jefferey Thomas (transportation)
  • Fresh Entertainment (gift card donations)
  • Annette aka Jayne’s Cakes (baked goods)
  • The Tony McFadden Foundation (baked goods/gift card donations)
  • Edith & Elaine Jennings (decorating team)
  • Mother Joseph (KDS videographer)
  • Denise Langhorn (photographer)
  • Larry Love (emcee/photographer)
  • Kamsha (singer)
  • Nonie Baker’s Mime Ministry
  • Lisa (server)
  • Vanessa Sparks (server)
  • Ruby Sapp (sweet potato pies)
  • Rev. Phil Craig (venue/co-visionary)
  • AlMyTees Apparel aka Al Forde (KDS tees)
  • Melissa Torbert

Larry & William


Easter Smiles10012815_620133708077763_3807657454561991654_oDipa & DaveThomas & Detrelnonie baker

10150526_620135748077559_8517107060515933629_n10258346_620133744744426_7728403425922156337_oAs you can see, it takes a ‘community’ to support an organization.  For all who attended, we are grateful — and for all who continue to donate to the Kareem D. Sapp Foundation’s vision to keep the memory of Kareem D. Sapp alive through engaging the youth in activities that build self-esteem and promote self-worth, we are grateful!

 Thomas & Dakiya


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