Gone But Never Forgotten!

Studying theology in itself is an honor, but to step into the infamous Riverside Church weekly where classes are held is overwhelming. I often reflect on the rich, tremendous history that building holds: the legendary guest speakers, the musicians and activists I’ve loved who’ve been eulogized there, the community events that I’ve attended – wow!

Last year I walked in oblivious to the events taking place this particular night, got on the elevator & when the doors opened on 1 floor, there was a commotion and lots of activity. I was asked if i would be attending John Legend’s concert?? 😳 Uhh nope, had no idea but I had to get to class. Elevator doors closed and up I went. An unexpected stop on a private floor opened the doors to more flurry. This next scene was chaotic. I was asked if I was there for Hillary Clinton’s speech? 😳 Uhh nope, had no idea but I had to get to class. Fast forward to the evening after the world celebrated Dr. King’s birthday. I walked into Riverside Church and saw beautiful photos of Dr. Martin Luther King – rare photos. I remembered flipping the dial the previous evening & seeing celebrities at an event honoring Dr. King’s legacy at Riverside Church. The honor I feel each day I walk into that building is real!


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