I see circumstances in my life intertwined with what I’ve come to refer to as #GodMessages. These are realistic directives, instructions or ‘I told you so’ statements that resonate loudly in my conscience that I know God wants me to digest.

Today, God spoke to me with disdain:

Daughter, what more do you want me to do to show you that I’m with you, and I support you when I hear your prayers?

I saved you from a relationship that was wracked with abuse and emotional torment.

I rid you of a miserable living environment and placed you where you could rediscover yourself and experience serenity.

I helped you overhaul all that was old and blessed you with an abundance of newness.

Still, you harbor thoughts to stray from the plans that I have for you.

You considered sliding to the left when all I ask of you is to stay right.

I think that I must separate you from things and people not like me.


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