Emotional Pain is REAL…


You know… when someone tags you, it’s in hope of the message bringing a smile or uplifting enlightenment to your day… Today’s tag on facebook brought me face to face with something personal that I’ve struggled w/for years: sadness & depression = the blues!

I have special people in my life who encourage me ~ one is a professional that I’ve come to trust with my true feelings; the others are blood (my son, my mom, my sister, my godmom — and on occasion, my brother and I get into a really deep vibe) & a few (very few) close friends and another ultra important person is my new life partner. I am so grateful to god for connecting me with someone who has seen me at my weakest, and highest points and sees great strength in the woman that I am.

The bottom line is that emotional pain is REAL ~ embrace anyone whom you know, or suspect may be going through some tough times. The challenges we face in our world today seem much more devastating and detrimental than I can ever recall. People are becoming undone ~ each one, reach one AND there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeking professional assistance. Find someone that you can identify with, that puts you at ease.

Lastly, to hell with what people think or may say to deter you from building a relationship with a professional who can build you up ~ your emotional stability is about YOU and no one else?

Some may wonder, or shake their head at me posting something so personal, but who cares?! If my words lift someone else ~ great!!

May God bless the family and musical friends in the life of Chris Lighty.

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  1. Mike Hammond

    The fact tha you shared this is a step forward. When you are brave enough to pull the curtains back and show the world you’re human causes me to give you a well deserved STANDING OVATION….


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      1. Post

        I’ve received several behind the scene comments about this posting. Without revealing identities, here are a few that definitely offer encouragement and support:

        hey…just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. it takes alot of courage to expose our vulnerabilities. more of us need to get over our “isms” about talking to someone when we are in trouble. i just recently started speaking a therapist about some past trauma in my life and it has been a beautiful process. now i’m angry with myself for buying into that stigma for so long!

        1. Post

          From one of my close friends who lends an ear and often reminds me of my spirituality & faith in God:

          I am happy I made some sort of impact. I’m glad you [put it] out there and shared. Folks need to know.

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