Disgraceful World Around Us!

A few days ago I posted a picture of a clear sky with a pillow of clouds and a moon that was natural & beautiful. It struck me because there's so much evil & bitterness around us ~ which is painful to witness. Yesterday's events in Hempstead, NY and Charlottesville, VA are absolutely disgraceful and mind-blowing.

I had a discussion about the Colin Kaepernick/NFL protest movement also because everyone knows that I am a diehard NY Jets fan. While I salute the brother for expressing his outrage with dignity and in peace, my issue is with those hopping on the protest bandwagon and then fading back into a life of normalcy when our respective communities continue to crumble.

I remember rallying when Abner Louima was victimized, when Amadou Diallo was massacred, when Sean Bell was assassinated, when Trayvon Martin was ambushed, when Eric Garner was strangled – just to name only a few horrific recent events. I live a life everyday where I use my professional voice to speak on behalf of those who, many times – and yes I'm going to say it – are ungrateful and undeserving! But, the humanistic side of me pours out for the masses in hopes that a few will take the olive branch and make our world a better place.

So, when you stand for a new opportunity for Kaepernick, keep standing … never take the back seat or the vow of silence!

Just my random thoughts on this Sunday morning.
Peace & Blessings

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