Days of War: A Reflection 

Looking back over my life: remembering 1990-1991, having spent my time during the Gulf War in Khobar Towers, under constant missile attack. The war was short-lived but the hard work of caring for, and being accountable for the Iraqi prisoners in the camps we supervised continued for us beyond the disturbance. As a member of the 800th Military Police Brigade, I met people from around the globe during that time & had hope that those relationships would’ve lasted a lifetime, but that didn’t happen. I learned to share living space with people w/different personalities, from various cultural backgrounds & we all had emotional difficulties adjusting to what our life had become…

Fort Jackson, South Carolina 1987


Echo Eagles 1987


Khobar Towers, Dharhan Saudi Arabia 1990


Kuwait 1991

Years after we left Khobar, the complex was bombed and military personnel tragically lost their lives. That could have been us!  I thank God for keeping me safe. I thank God for the friends I met who have gone on to glory: Ronnie Etheridge & Damon Shelton, specifically. And for Denise Hubbard & Monty Woods who I remain bonded to because of our time together during basic training/AIT ~ I love you all forever!

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