Chris Scudder: Always Remembered

Since 2001, I’ve stumbled through 2 dates, exercising extreme caution: Sept 11th and Oct 9th (our birthday)
I lost a great friend when the towers collapsed ~ a friend who would call me in the darkness of the morning, before the sun rose ~ faithfully, every year on Oct 9th ~ but there would be no call that year & I suspected that something was terribly wrong! How right I was…

Christopher Jay Scudder will never be forgotten ~ memories are cherished!



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    1. Post

      I agree, Stephanie. We shared the same birthday and it’s never been the same. I still wake up at 5am, expecting his phone call. A great friend and a sweet soul!

  1. Adriane

    Detrel- I want you to know that I’ve been brought to your sight today because I have been thinking of you quite a bit and so I am here. Your message about my brother is very heartwarming. Even though Chris and I did not share the same birthday we were born 3 days apart and like you I miss the calls, chats, the hugs and the all around brotherly love from Chris. Chris explained the birthday calls one year and I thought he was losing it to be calling someone as early as he did. Your understanding of those calls is all that mattered.
    I know you understand where I am coming from when I say “Thank You” for remembering my loving brother Chris just as I will always miss and remember your loving mom.

    1. Post

      It’s so good to hear from you, sis and definitely to reconfirm that you know how much Chris’ friendship meant to me! More than us sharing the same birthday, Chris and I instantly clicked when I first met him. Such a soft spoken, warm spirit — something I miss terribly.

      My mother loved you, and I always will as well. Please give my love to Shalisha — and call me one day when you have a moment. I’d love to catch up (646.339.6149)

      God bless & be well!

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