Bucket List: One Down…


The highlight of my yesterday is captured in the attached photo of me with Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz fame! This was the second opportunity that I’d been blessed to attend the Friends for Life annual outdoor event organized by the King of Kings — Lance & Todd Feurtado. Brothers, who have a very heavy story in the history of the dark days in South Jamaica, Queens but today utilize their street credo to give back to a community, positively in a tremendous way!


When I realized that ‘Cheeks’ was basically standing within arms reach, I politely but aggressively excused myself while he was reminiscing with someone from around the way — and seized the moment to ask for a pic alone! With that gravely voice that everyone has come to love him for responded to me with, ‘Sure sweetheart, but what’s up with that shirt?!’ (Thomas and I were wearing our family reunion shirts from the DC gathering with an outstanding shot of the memorial featuring Dr. King.) I went on to explain quickly to the lanky rapper what the shirt symbolized and handed my iPrincess (iPhone) off to Thomas to capture the shot I’d been waiting for! see above

After…I inhaled, taking in the occurrence, and thought of the days that my sister and I would mimic Cheeks and his brother, the late Freaky Tah doing their signature funky battle dance as they performed.



Earlier in the evening, the Feurtados presented Cheeks with a Proclamation and framed acknowledgement for giving back to his old neighborhood by just being present so often and performing to the delight of his supporters.



*classic example of giving someone their ‘flowers’ while they can still enjoy the honor of smelling the fragrance*

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