#ATID ==> George Tandy Jr.

ATID ==> Artists That I Dig

At the very strong suggestion of several people that I consider to be my extended family members, by way of our connections through music & life, in general — ATID, is just that.

There may be mention of someone who has been plugged by me over the years & their music is speaking to my spirit — and I just want to share. Or the music may have been around for a minute — but for some reason, at that particular moment, I just want to share!

Peace & Blessings

And thanks: George Littlejohn, Dorian Green & KaeDeePee for that extra push!

George Tandy, like Noel Gourdin did a few years back — came to my attention while listening to Steve Harvey’s radio program one morning. He intro’ed this song, ‘March and it sounded so good to him (and me, too) that he decided to do a double play. I missed the name of the artist, so yeah yeah yeah even though I was driving, I ‘shazam’ed’ the song and downloaded via itunes on the spot.



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