And then what…?

The NFL boycott that gained notoriety and spread like wildfire through social media outlets has really left me a bit befuddled. I absolutely applaud Colin Kaepernich for taking a stance against the racial atrocities and apparent lack of value that the lives of blacks hold, by kneeling on one knee during the singing of the national anthem in protest. However, the question that I have raised on numerous occasions with the scholarly individuals that I call friends is ‘and then what?!’

This is the opening weekend of the 2017 football season and I have yet to hear that any team is going to add Kaepernick to their roster. In fact, I have read more news articles filled with excuses as to why teams found a reason not to sign him. So if he does not get called for a gig, then what happens with the outrage? Does it die down like most other things related to our community? And on the flip side, if he does get signed … ‘then what?!’ What becomes of the black out when they next black person is ambushed by a rogue police officer who will ultimately be acquitted — as has been the norm?

Then what?!

Black Lives ABSOLUTELY do matter!

Then there is the recent Ministers March in Washington DC where close to 5,000 gathered and rallied right at the entrance of the US Department of Justice. It was a powerful display of unity, but I walked away thinking, ‘What’s next? Now what, leaders of the black community? Faith-based leaders?’

So … and then what?!

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