A Gospel Explosion: Uplift Your Soul

Speaking only for myself, the latter part of 2012 was so emotionally taxing that as I attempt to gather my strength and mental wits, I truly see the need for me to increase o lean on inner spirituality. I am so eager and excited to be involved with this event, A Gospel Explosion which will be taking place on the evening of Saturday, February 23rd at Second Baptist Church, Baldwin, New York (my home church).

My soul needs to be fed!

Gospel Explosion

For more details about the concert click here –> Gospel Explosion

This concert extravaganza will be hosted by WBLS/WLIB on-air personality and Stellar Award Nominee, Liz Black and feature inspiring performances from ‘Modern Day David‘ whose hit single “Feelin Better” is currently dominating radio stations across the country; ‘Deanna Ransom‘ ‘Jason Hendrickson‘ ‘The Heavenly Homeboyz‘ whose lead singer Rick Thompson’s role as lead vocalist/ guitarist helped to propel” The BT Express” to fame (Remember the song, Do it Til You’re Satisfied that was filled with such hynotic funk that you instinctively jumped to your feet to dance?!) and ‘The Aspiring Young Artists‘ who have repeatedly performed at Radio City Music Hall, Disney World and at the request of influential community events.

Tickets are $20.00 and are available by either calling (516) 642-1276 or (516) 771-6586 or at the official box office located at 1850 Grand Avenue, Baldwin, NY.

Arrangements can also be made to deliver tickets to your location.

You can also send an email to either: TSapp@KareemDSapp.org or DHowell@KareemDSapp.org to reserve your tickets.

This is one you don’t want to miss!

liz black

For more details about the concert click here –> Gospel Explosion

Heavenly Homeboyz Deanna Ransom Modern Day David Jason Hendrickson


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