2018’s Outro!

Very few knew of our plans.

We did it for a reason.

We did it up big!

I’m grateful for our blessing.


Our mother died in the midst of holiday time, 2012. She loved celebrating Thanksgiving & Christmas. She shopped til she was broke, and believed in having gifts under the tree even for people who didn’t live at 11 Edgewood Court!

Since her passing, the holidays have been dismal. We tried hard to ‘go along to get along’ but it’s just been downright gloomy.

Last Christmas my sister and I decided that we had had enough. We were going to do something very different for Holiday Season 2018 and so we did!

Christmas Cruise 2018 incorporated the celebration of:

    my sister’s successful open heart surgery
    my 50th birthday
    my niece’s 20th birthday

The only thing missing was my son! We are all joined at the hip but he didn’t join us for this adventure. But we kept him updated every step of the way.

Our 7-day journey took us to Costa Maya, Belize on Christmas Day, Roatan (Honduras) & Cozumel. The weather was overcast with spot showers at most of the ports but in Cozumel we made peace with the sun! 🌞

It felt great being away. There was no sadness. We know that our mother/grandmother sent her love and blessings to us on this move!

Next up…?

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