2018’s Losses (Part 1)

Some of those we’ve lost this year have left a sting that dug in a little deeper and made you step back, inventorying your own life.

One of the ‘blessings’ of having an uncle (Ernest) who was/is a staple in the Harlem barbershop business is that when you’re a girl who loves being around real people & was not afraid of the vibe in the shop ~ it was my place to hang, laugh, cut up with my family, find out all the latest nuances & pick up a few bargains (soap, lotion, cds…) ~ Mosaic Cuts was my afterwork stop off for years.

But in that space you never knew who’d you meet on any given day. (I always missed BBD somehow and didn’t believe they were there quite often until I saw the pictures for myself)

My uncle liked to brag on me as soon as I stepped through the door. He always had somebody to connect me to — and it typically turned out to be a treasure.

I think I lit up when I walked in one day and he was shaping Ron Grant up. Ron was a legend. I’d seen him countless times on Sunday nights at the Village Underground, or at the Sugar Bar rocking a mic. His voice was beyond words. Of course that day my uncle made us exchange numbers, lock in on FB and I was geeked. We spoke a few times but then my days of working in music faded.

I last saw Ron when he sang at an event for my uncle last summer. We hugged and he talked briefly about his new album — then he hustled off to his next gig.

To his family and legions of friends, I send my heartfelt condolences & blessings. He was definitely a NYC treasure whose voice will live on.

SIP Ron Grant 🙏🏾

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