Monthly archive for April 2016

Life & Death

   It’s not about the way in which a person departs this life but by how they’ve lived it & the manner that they’ve touched so many others ~ tonight’s tribute to my god brother/cousin, Hassan Jeffrey left me feeling honored to have been a part of his life but saddened that I didn’t know the parts of his life that others shared ~ there was standing room only and many moments when there wasn’t

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Death: Too Much is More Than Enough!

I said to someone recently that 2016 has had the ring of death in the air like never before & they attempted to shush me by saying that we just pay more attention to death now because we are getting older. I disagreed w/that statement then and still, now. 2016 is not even 5 months deep & the loss has spanned from celebs that we thought we knew because their faces were part of our

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Healthy Change 

  I am a picky eater — have always been. I love vegetables, dried fruit and smoothies, but I can’t live without seafood (particularly: fish & shrimp). I love rewarding recipes, blogs and articles that insight new ideas about what I might like to concoct in the kitchen. A late night commercial led me to this website, I Eat Grass that I plan to look into with passion. If you’re reading this, and know of other places

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