Monthly archive for July 2014

TOTD: God Has A Way!

TOTD: God always has a way of taking someone’s dirty deeds & bringing them right back to their forefront in another form or fashion ~ beware & change your devious ways #YouveBeenWarned #DoUntoOthers

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TOTD: to thine own self be TRUE

on this #tbt I reflect on the fact that we, as individuals can only dance to the beat of our own drum & not the beat that others would like for yu to dance to ~ sometimes love is the most challenging emotion #peaceANDblessings It is not always easy to receive funds through other external resources, characteristically to deal with heartiness care needs. Let’s find answers to your most great questions about online pharmacy. Antabuse

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TOTD: New Relationships/Rekindled Friendships ~ Inner Happiness

TOTD: when yu see that folks have moved into relationships ~ in whatever area of their life ~ that bring joy & happiness to them ~ rejoice that they have yet again found their inner smile! #peaceANDblessings

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