A Concerning Observation!

Last night, one of my very best friends treated me to a show featuring Charlie Murphy and D.L. Hughley, with Terry Hodges as the opening comedian as an early birthday gift. Anyone who really knows me, knows that I can just sit and ogle at D.L. for days — he’s been deemed my ‘next lifetime husband’ (snickering)!

But, what is wrong with Charlie, for real?! He came out on stage looking gaunt — his face was skeletal, with pencils for legs and a huge gut. I think the audience paused for a minute, taking in his appearance. The people around me kept asking if he had a prop in his belly — it was that noticeable. He was walking like he was very uncomfortable, as though somewhat of a struggle. 

And his humor wasn’t really humorous – he was angry about the state of the world. He let Trump have it! He went in on the confederate flag (I loved it ALL) but the white people in the audience were not amused. They sat stone faced, with their arms crossed. I saw a few people exit the theatre.

Clearly the brother is definitely dealing with an illness. (Just an observation) 
I pray for his complete healing…

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